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Metrology – Microscopes optical

Technical description :


We have 3 optical microscopes LEICA (DM6000 and DM2500 at 1005 in CEA site and one DM2500 in the BCAi site) with Leica camera DFC 425 so, with a special solf, we can save samples images in tiff, jpg or bmp format





As on the DM6000 we have 5 motorized objectives, the measurement size is calibrated. For the 3 microscopes, the 5 objectives are x5, x10, x20, x50 et x100.



On all microscopes, we can make images in


right field, dark field, polarization contrast


or differential interference contrast.



Document :


DM4000-6000-Brochure FR

DM2500 Brochure EN

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