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Metrology – Ellipsometre Auto SE + SpecEl

Ellipsometre Auto SE


Spectral range: 440-1000 nm

Spot sizes: automatic selection >500µm; 500x500 µm; 250x500 µm; 250x250 µm; 70x250 µm; 100x100 µm; 50x60 µm; 25x60 µm

Detection: CCD – Resolution: 2nm

Sample viewing: CCD camera - Field of view: 1.33x1 mm – Resolution: 10µm

Measurement time: 1s

Accuracy:  NIST 100nm d ± 4Å, n(632.8nm) ± 0.002

Repeatability:  NIST 15nm ± 0.2 Å

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Ellipsometre SpecEl


Film Thickness Range: 1nm – 8μm

Thickness Resolution: 0,1nm

n & k Analyzer: Table 450 – 900 nm in 1nm steps


Measurement Speed: 5-15 seconds

Repeatability: 70 nm SiO2 on Si, cos(Delta)
±0.0003, tan(Psi) ± 0.0002

Metrology ellipsometer SpecEl photo
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