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About PTA

The PTA, Upstream Technological Platform, is a 1000 class clean room resulting from the pooling of  technical and human resources of IRIG (Institut Nanosciences et Cryogénie du CEA) and LTM (Laboratoire des Technologies de la Microélectronique du CNRS, UJF et INP). The clean room extends over 700 m2, 350 m² on CEA siteand 350 m² in the Grenoble INP site, within the CIME clean room ( InterUniversity MicroElectronics and nanotechnologies Centre).

The PTA offers the technical capabilities needed to cover a wide range of projects in nanosciences andmicro- nanotechnologies: complementary methods and equipment facilities for lithography, deposition or etching enable reliable integration of nano-objects and nano-materials or patterning of thin layers in the nanometric range. The PTA can accommodate all types of substrates from small 5 x 5 mm² sample up to the 100 mm wafers. A huge diversity of materials can be processed within a reasonable approach of contamination management

The research fields are numerous: nanoelectronics, MEMS & NEMS, magnetism and spintronics, integration of nano-materials and nano-objects, photonics, ... The purpose of the facility is both to provide the needed means and skills to researchers, and to welcome industrial companies looking for a place to develop theirprojects.

Flexibility, ease of access and use, are the cornerstone of the management of the PTA. This pooling of facilities between the major players of upstream research in Grenoble means that a specific management system had been set up combining INAC and LTM complementary views and needs: here, users will find both a state of the art facility and an optimal flexibility.