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Etching : IBE 01 Plassys (MU400 from Plassys)

Technical description


ICP  ions source from CCR technology (COPRA source)

- ion energy range(20 to 200 eV

- ion density (0.8 to 1.5 mA.cm-2)

- Ar and O2 gases


Substrate holder : tiltable substrate holder (0 to 90°) with planetary rotation (10 to 20 rpm)


 Substrate clamping system : sample on the susbtrate holder cooled down by a water flow at ambient temperature


Sample size : from small sample to 4'' wafers


End point detection  : secondary emission ion mass spectrometer (SIMS) from Hiden (HAL IMP)




Process capabilities


 IBE system can be used for many applications in the field of micro and naotechnologies (spintronic, photonic,..).


The IBE system enables etching of many materials and multi layers stack:

- metal: Pt, Au, Ti, Ta,....

- magnetic materials: Fe, Co, Ni, Pd ..

- Piezoelecric materials: PZT,... 



Contact : christophe.lemonias@cea.fr

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