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IBE etcher (scia Mill 150 from scia Systems)

Ion beam source :


Circular microwave ECR-source MW218-e

- ion energy range 50 – 2000 eV, (200 – 800 eV for 4’’ wafers)

- ion density (from 0.1 to 0.6 mA.cm-2)


- Ar gas


Substrate holder :


Water cooled, helium backside cooling contact, Substrate rotation 5 to 20 rpm, Tiltable in-situ from 0° till 160° in 0.1° steps


Neutralizer : Triple plasma bridge neutralizer N-3DC


Base pressure : < 1 x 10-6 mbar


Tool configuration : 1 process chamber, 1 load-lock


Sample size : from small sample to 4'' wafers


End point detection : Secondary Emission Ion Mass Spectrometer (SIMS) from Hiden analytical, SIMS HAL IMP 301/3F



Process capabilities


 IBE system can be used for many applications in the field of micro and nanotechnologies (spintronic, photonic,..).


The IBE system enables etching of many materials and multi layers stack:

- metal: Pt, Au, Ti, Ta...

- magnetic materials: Fe, Co, Ni, Pd...

- Piezoelecric materials: PZT, STO…


Usual etch rate for several materials : 21 nm/min for SiO2, from 25 to 80 nm/min for Au, from 20 to 60nm/min for Cu, 16 nm/min for Ti, 25 nm/min for Al, 80nm/min for Ag…   


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