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Etching tools at a glance



  • 2 Fluorinated or/and chlorinated ICP plasma etcher: etcher for isotropic or anisotropic etching of semiconductors (Si, Ge, II-IV, III-V), oxides and metal.


  • Fluorinated ICP plasma deep etcher (Bosch process): equipment dedicated to deep anisotropic silicon etching. Equipped with an etched depth measuring system.


  • 2 Ion beam etchers (with SIMS detection): etching equipment enabling all types of materials to be etched, SIMS detection enables etching to be controlled down to few nanometers.


  • Wet photoresist and 2 plasma strippers: equipment for selective removal of photoresist after the etching or lift-off steps.


  • HF vapor etcher: chemical etching by HF vapor, equipment enabling suspended structures to be released.


  • Usual wet treatments, cleaning and etching: a set of chemical beds specially designed for user-friendliness and above all to provide a high level of safety for users. The stations are divided into zones of activity (acid/alkaline, solvent, FH, lithography) to prevent chemical risks.


  • Chemical mechanical polishing: equipment for planarizing the surface of a sample to give it flatness compatible with technological stacking.


  • Supercritical drying: equipment in a MEMs line for drying suspended structures without added stress.

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