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HDRF Stripper (DSB9000M from Plasma-Therm)

Technical description :



Stripper with HDRF® technology for removal of organic layers (photoresists, polymers, residues…)


HDRF® ICP plasmasource

4 gas lines : O2, N2, CF4, H2O vapor system

Plasma power from 150 W to 3 kW

Chamber pressure : 0.2 to 2 Torr


Substrate holder temperature : from 80°C to 250°C


Size and type of samples : from small samples to 8 inches wafers, possibility of double-side batch stripping (25 wafers)


Endpoint detection with spectrophotometer



Process capabilities :



Fast photoresist stripping


Bosch polymer removal after DRIE in complex 3D structure

Low temperature release of organic sacrificial layers

Organic residues removal

Damage-free for sensitive devices


High strip rate up to 2 µm/min



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