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ICP Etcher (SI 500 324 From SENTECH)

Technical description:

ICP plasma chamber: Inductively Coupled Plasma with RF excitation

- Plasma RF generator for the plasma (13.56 MHz and 0 to 1200 W) which controls the plasma properties

- Bias RF generator (13.56 MHz and 0 to 500 W) which controls the acceleration of the ions

- Available gases : HBr, BCl3, Cl2, SiCl4, CF4, CH2F2, CHF3, SF6, O2, Ar, N2, H2, CH4


Load-lock sytem with automatic transfer to the plasma chamber

Substrate holder :

- 4" wafer (need a carrier wafer for smaller sample size)

- Cooling system : Mechanical clamping system with He backside thermal contact

- Substrate holder temperature from -20°C to 250°C

Endpoint detection system : Optical emission and Interferometry system (laser wavelength of 670 nm)


Process capabilities:

This etching equipment is dedicated to the etching of Si-CMOS compatible materials :

- Semiconductors : Si, Ge

- Oxides and nitrides : SiO2, HfO2, SiN, …

- Metals : Ta

- Carbon based material : Carbon nanotubes, graphene and resists.

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