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RTA-JipelecTechnical characteristics

RTA system is an equipment for rapid thermal annealing. Annealings are made from 100°C up to 1000°C and it is design for rapid process typical duration: short ramp time to reach high temperature annealling, and cool down (typical time for one run: 10 minutes). It can work at low pressure (primary vacuum) or at atmospheric pressure, with a nitrogen flow or not. The reactor is continuously coolingwith water (cool wall).


III-V and silicon materials are accepted (a SiCsusceptoris set in order to prevent As diffusion).

With this susceptor only 3 inch wafers diameter can be loaded for III-V materials (smaller samples are allowed).


Gaz used is nitrogen.


Process capabilities

Annealing from 300°c up to 1100°C for silicon wafers with 2 or 4 inch diameter (by using pyrometer regulation)

Annealing from 100°c up to 1000°C for III-V materials with size from sample to 3 inch diameter (by using Thermocouple regulation)

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