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LPCVD Tempress




Nitride silicon and polysilicon depositions


Temperature deposition : 600°C – 850°C


Pressure range : 150 mTorr


Gaz used : siliane, dichlorosilane, phosphine-silane mix, ammoniac.


Size and type of samples : 2inches and 4 inches bare silicon wafers only


 Batch of 20 wafers can be processed in one run







Gaz used :

  • SiN : NH3 (amoniac), DCS (dichlorosilane)
  • polysilicon  : doped or non doped : SiH4/PH3 1% (silane/phosphine) or SiH4 (silane)


Thickness range : from 50 nm to 100 nm


Deposition rate range : ~5nm/min, regarding temperature and gaz flow



Process capabilities

One of this stack is dedicated to silicon polycristallin deposition, undoped or phosphorus doped.

The other stack is made for nitride silicon, low stress or stoechimetric.



polysilicon-MPCVDPolysilicon process
















Contact: delphine.constantin@grenoble-inp.fr

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