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Metal Evaporators : MEB550 from Plassys



Evaporation mode  :  electron gun at 10 kW


Deposition temperature : 

  • Tool n°1 : from ambient to 550°C


  • Tool n°2 : from -80°C to 550°C


In-situ thickness measurement using a quartz microbalance


Capabilities of etch step before deposition with an ion gun (Ar+)


Size and type of samples : from small samples to 4 inches wafers (transparent, metal and semiconductor sample)


Possibility of static oxydation thanks to an O2 line





Metal available  :

Tool n°1 : Ti, Cr, Al, Au, Ni, Pt, Ge, Pd, Nb, V, Ta

Tool n°2 : Ti, Cr, Al, Au, NiCr, NiFe, CoFe, Co, Cu, Ag, Sn, Ta 


Deposition rate : from 0.1 nm/sec to 1nm/sec


Thickness range : from a few nm to several hundred of nm


 Contacts en V/Au sur graphène

Contacts en V/Au sur graphène


 Contact : Guillaume.GAY@cea.fr


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