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PVD MP700S Plassys

Technical description :


Sputtering tool composed of a loadlock with turbomolecular pumping (pumping time < 5 mns) and a deposition chamber with cryopumping (limit vacuum <1.10-8 

mbar). The transfer of wafers in the chamber is automatic.


The chamber is equipped with 5 magnetrons (150mm diameter), in planar and sputter-up configuration. They can be polarized in DC or RF mode.


3 generators : 1 DC 2kW for cathodes, 1 RF 600W for cathodes, 1 RF 300W for the substrate.


Size and type of samples : from small samples to 100mm wafers.


Deposition temperature : the substrate can be heated at a maximum of 750°C.


Residual gas analyser (RGA) to check the chamber contamination before deposition. 


Gas lines : Ar, N2, O2 


Process capabilities :


Targets available : Ti, Cr, Au, Ta, W, Cu. Additionnal targets can be installed for specific demands.

Possibility of reactive sputtering for the deposition of nitrides and oxides in DC or RF modes.

Substrates can be biased with RF generator before deposition to clean, activate or etch native oxide with Ar plasma.

Substrates can be biased during deposition to tune the film properties.

Deposition rates : between 15 nm/min and 60nm/min.

Uniformity : < +/- 7% on 90 mm diameter.

Thickness range : from 20nm to 1µm


Resp : Guillaume GAY guillaume.gay@cea.fr

CoResp : Christophe LEMONIAS christophe.lemonias@cea.fr

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