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Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) : Fiji 200 from Ultratech

Technical description:ALD-PTA


Deposition of thin and conformal layers which can be assisted by an ICP remote plasma (O2, N2 and H2)


Deposition pressure : in the range of several hundreds millitorr


Deposition temperature : from 80°C to 300°C


Single wafer transfer chamber under vacuum (automatic transfer)


Sample size : from sample to 8 inches wafers



Process capabilities:


Available materials : HfO2 (TEMAH), Al2O3 (TMA), TiN (TDMAT), TiO2 (TDMAT), ZnO (DEZ) et AZO (DEZ et TMA)


Deposition rate  : in the range of 1 Å per cycle (cycle time from 20s to 120s)




ALD conformity

Very good conformity at the top and bottom in patterns with high aspect ratio







50 couches 4nnm AL2O3 TiO2 Johannes Goupy

Multi-layers Al2O3 / TiO2 : Johannes Goupy, Neel Institut : structure a blocage de phonons pour détecteurs à inductance cinétique









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