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Deposition tools at a glance

- 2 Metal evaporators : directionnal deposition of metals, with the possibility to clean the surface with an Ar ion gun, up to 4 inches wafers


- ALD tool (Oxide and metal) : highly conformal deposition of dielectrics (TiO2, HfO2, Al2O3), metal (TiN) and transparent insulators (ZnO, AZO) in thermal mode or plasma enhanced mode, up to 8 inches wafers


- PECVD tool : deposition of SiN, SiO2 and amorphous silicon at 280°C, up to 8 inches wafers


- PVD tools : deposition of metals (Ta, Ti, TiN, Al, Nb, NbN, FeNi) and oxides (SiO2, SiN, ITO) by DC, pulsed-DC or RF sputtering, up to 4 inches wafers


- LPCVD tool : deposition of polysilicon and silicon nitride, up to 4 inches wafers

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