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Lithography – Tools at a glance

  • Lithographique Electronique (100kV): resolution finale de 7 nm , petit échantillon au wafer 200 mm.


  • Lithographique Nanoimpression : Lithographie de nanoimpression assistee par UV, avec thermal NIL, hot embossing, UV NIL


  • Lithographie par contact, UV at DUV: petit échantillon au wafer 4"


  • Lithographie Laser : résolution 1µ


  • Manual and automatic coating / annealing / development line: a set of equipment dedicated to dispensing photoresist, annealing and development. The whole range is compatible from small samples up to 150 mm wafers in automatic and 200 mm wafers in manual.
  • Mask aligner (bottom and top sides) : MA 8



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