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Lithography – Electronic beam lithography : JEOL6300FS




. Gun TFE electron beam source 100kV with 2 modes (High speed or High resolution)

. Laser control for the stage λ/1024 =0.62nm.

. Maximum frequency : 12MHz

. Field Stitching <20nm

. Alignment if using full correction <15nm

. Height measurement on the sample

. Sample 5x5mm to 8’’ wafers (maximum writing area on 6’’)

. Autoloader with 10 cassettes









 Litho Jeol photo 02





Positive resist

PMMA4% 950K, PMMA2% 950K, PMMA4% 200K

PMMA/MMA (for bilayer),ZEP520A or UV5-0.6)


Negative resist

XR-1541-004, Man2410 or NEB22A2

with a resolution in the resist less of 10nm.

The best resolution after a lift-off of Ni is around of 13nm.







Contact : jean-luc.thomassin@cea.fr

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