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Lithography – Mask aligner : MJB3



Litho MJB3 photo 01

  • Contact optical lithography for small samples to 2 inches wafer 


  • 3 exposure modes:
    • Soft contact : Mechanical pressure (resolution of 2.0 μm)
    • Hard contact : Mechanical pressure + wafer is pushed harder against the mask (in the range of 1 μm resolution)
    • Vaccum contact : vacuum contact processes yields considerably higher resolution


  • Lampe UV (200W)


  • All substrat accepted


  • 2 or 3 inches masks 


  • Alignment accuracy :
    • 1µm





Litho Mjb4 photo 03 croix

Main UV photoresit used (down to 0.8µm resolution)












Contact : jean-luc.thomassin@cea.fr  



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